July Shipping & Production Updates (COVID-19)

We sincerely appreciate your support during this time, we know it's a very tough time for everyone (including us). This article will generally outline what is going on with Pawsonify, shipping times, and more.

Are you still taking orders?

Yes! Pawsonify is still taking orders, shipping products, working on stock, and designing new products at this time.

Shipping & Processing Times

We are currently shipping out orders 1-2 times a week. Packages will be dropped off at our local USPS office. We've had some hiccups from USPS when using the package drop off chute where they conveniently "misplaced" some packages, so because of this we now wait in line at the post office to make sure they accept our packages and scan our USPS Scan Form. Getting the packages scanned is proof that they have received our packages (instead of it saying "Waiting for package" forever).

Processing time is currently 15 business days (not including USPS processing time). Shipping confirmations are sent out the day after we purchase the shipping label for your order, but sometimes we may wait a few days to drop off packages in bulk to reduce exposure at the post office.

Priority Mail is now available as a shipping option again. First-Class is the most economic option available, however they are not offering guarantees on shipping times currently for First-Class. Priority is "more" guaranteed, but still will take longer than usual.

Custom engraved tags will be back to being processed quicker, but we are currently very low on stock on most of our tags and are waiting for our next shipment.

International Orders

Yes, we are still taking international orders, but please read USPS's International Service Alerts. If you are within one of the countries affected by service suspension we will be unable to ship orders until further notice.

It is currently taking 2-3 months for international shipments outside of North America. This is unfortunately "normal" right now and there isn't much we can do about it.

Production Delays

A few orders/products are currently experiencing some delays due to production issues. A few Katsucon orders are still being worked on  and scheduled to be complete as soon as possible, as well as the remainder of the Wizard Pet collar pre-orders. There have been some delays outside of our control unfortunately and we appreciate all your support and patience at this time.

Pre-order Dog Tags have been delayed. Please check out this article regarding Pre-Order Dog Tag updates

Moving Back

We are finally fully moved back into our studio and back in full production mode. We are working overtime to keep up with orders and will soon be working on new products again!