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    About Pawsonify

    My name is Vensy and I'm the owner and designer behind Pawsonify!

    Currently, Pawsonify is run by me, and only me: social media, emails, product development, assembly, packaging, etc. are all done by me. It is my dream to grow this business and be able to hire fellow pet enthusiasts and artists to bring adorable pet apparel and accessories to the world.

    How Pawsonify Started

    In April 2018 I went on a trip to Japan with my S.O.; at the time we recently got our new kitten, Shimi (short for Sashimi). One of my goals during the trip was to buy her cute accessories in Japan for her to grow into and get accustomed to being dressed up. Japan always has the cutest fashion trends and I always had a hard time finding cute pet accessories in the states.

    After checking out all of the awesome pet stores, a question popped into my mind: "These pet products are so cute, but they don't exist in the states. Why?" At that very moment, I realized I could help solve that problem. As soon as we got back from our trip I went straight to brainstorming the identity and brand of my newfound business. The idea of combining two of my loves and hobbies together (pets & "cosplay") was too good to be true.

    Our Etsy store was officially opened on May 1, 2018. Initially, it launched with only two products - our Star Guardian Lux & Star Guardian Jinx inspired collars. Sales were slow at first, but I was fine with that because I was simultaneously developing an entire line of products to debut at Anime Expo 2018.

    Star Guardian Lux & Jinx Pawsonify Pet Collar

    To my surprise, Anime Expo went extremely well! After that event, I knew that I could invest more time and money into this business, and thus Pawsonify began to flourish. 

    The Future of Pawsonify

    Pawsonify will have a studio of its own and hire fellow pet enthusiasts/artists to help grow Pawsonify and reach wider audiences worldwide. The goal is to create one of a kind, unique merchandise people can enjoy with their furbabies. Merchandise is hand-made with love, therefore each product is a piece of art.

    Ultimately I would love to be able to sell and distribute Pawsonify products in Japan - where the idea was born in the first place. Together we can make this dream come true!


    Illustrations on the website are drawn by Kelly Yoo (@papermachette), unless otherwise stated.