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    April Shipping & Production Updates (COVID-19)

    We sincerely appreciate your support during this time, we know it's a very tough time for everyone (including us). This article will generally outline what is going on with Pawsonify, shipping times, and more.

    Are you still taking orders?

    Yes! Pawsonify is still taking orders, shipping products, working on stock, and designing new products at this time.

    Shipping & Processing Times

    We are currently shipping out orders 1-2 times a week. Packages will be dropped off at our local USPS office in the package drop off area. Monday and Thursday are our "scheduled" drop-off days.

    Processing time is currently 3-5 business days (not including USPS processing time). Shipping confirmation emails are sent out the day that we schedule to drop packages off at the post office. If things get out of hand we will rely on USPS pick-up instead.

    Priority Mail and DHL are currently disabled as shipping options. We are not shipping out orders as quickly as we normally would, so we don't want customers paying extra for expedited mail when we can't meet those expectations. We will re-enable those shipping options in the future.

    Custom engraved tags are processed once a week, which means it might take additional time to complete your order.

    CAT ALLERGIES: if you are placing an order and have a cat allergy, please leave a note with your order. Our team includes two nosy cats that like to be involved with Pawsonify when they can be. If you leave a note we can take extra care to make sure your order is handled without their involvement.

    International Orders

    Yes, we are still taking international orders, but please read USPS's International Service Alerts. If you are within one of the countries affected by service suspension we will be unable to ship orders until further notice.

    Production Delays

    A few orders/products are currently experiencing some delays due to production issues. A few Katsucon orders are still being worked on  and scheduled to be complete as soon as possible, as well as the remainder of the Wizard Pet collar pre-orders. There have been some delays outside of our control unfortunately and we appreciate all your support and patience at this time.

    How has Pawsonify been affected by the pandemic?

    Pawsonify is located in Los Angeles and is currently following the "Safer at Home" emergency order by Mayor Garcetti. The order was put in effect on March 19 and on that day I (Vensy) packed all the essentials of the business (supplies, materials, tools, etc.) and brought it home to my apartment. I am currently running the business entirely from a tiny corner in my apartment - it's 1/8th the size of my normal studio space.

    Patience with orders is highly appreciated, as I cannot multi-task as easily as I can in my normal studio. I currently am doing all Pawsonify work from a single folded table - normally I have four different tables/stations to work from, allowing me to easily work on various things at once.

    Additionally, it's not safe, nor feasible, to bring my laser cutter home to my apartment so I currently can not engrave custom ninja collars, nor can I continue the development of certain products I was planning. I will be changing course to work on other products instead.

    The "Safer at Home" emergency order is in place until April 19 at minimum, but might be in place an additional month afterwards. Unfortunately, even though I'm currently not using my studio space I still need to pay rent on it - so essentially I'm paying double rent, and for a space I can't even use.

    Your support is highly appreciated at this time.

    Many of the events that I was planning on vending at have been cancelled or postponed. Those events are major income sources for the business (and myself) so any support at this time is highly appreciated. I'll be running sales and offering discounts and promotions to help customers out financially as often as I can. As of writing this post, I am offering free shipping on orders of $25 or more (normally free shipping is offered at $40).

    I feel very lucky that I can still run my business, so I thank each and every one of you who has support Pawsonify in the past and in the future. Without you I would not be able to continue this business at this time.


    Thank you so much for your continued support.


    At-Home Mini Studio

    Here's a look at my mini working-from-home studio space in my apartment!

    I feel very lucky that I even had the availability to make this happen and that I was able to squeeze all the main Pawsonify essentials into this space.

    Shimi & Bean

    Meet the dynamic duo: Shimi & Bean 

    These two have normally stayed behind at home when I went to the studio to work on Pawsonify stuff, so now I get to see them every day!

    Meet Bean

    Silly Bean! 

    He likes to "help" when I'm working on orders. He spends a lot of time on or around the desk with me.

    Katsucon & February Shipping Schedule

    We will be selling at Katsucon February 14-16 at the Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center. Our booth location and more information regarding the show will be released within the next week.

    Pre-orders placed during the event (for sold out products) will ship by the end of March at the latest.

    Shipping Information

    Please note, due to travels any orders placed after February 9th will not ship until February 18th *AT THE EARLIEST*. However, please be aware it may take up to 2-3 weeks to ship orders placed after February 9th.


    More information coming soon regarding Katsucon.

    Feel free to follow us on social media for updates!

    Holiday Shopping

    December is the time of shopping for gifts! We offer free domestic shipping on orders over $35. For a limited time, we are also offering free international first-class shipping on orders over $75 (normally $100). This offer will end on January 1st.

    Shipping Deadlines

    Here are some guideline dates for ordering to receive your order before the 25th!

    • First-Class Mail: Order by December 18 (Dec 16th for Alaska and Dec 17th for Hawaii)
    • Priority Mail: Order by December 19

    Unfortunately we cannot guaranteed international delivery dates due to possible delays during customs.

    Gift Wrap

    We also offer gift-wrapping with special holiday designs during the holiday season! Be sure to add this to your cart to have your item pre-wrapped. Add a special order note and we'll even include a cute holiday greeting card with your message!


    Buy Now

    Gift Cards

    Not sure what fandom your friends like, or unsure of their dog's neck size? Gift cards are an easy solution for that! We carry both digital and physical gift cards. You can load 'em up in various amounts!

    Buy Now


    October/November Shipping Updates for Orders Placed in September

    Thank you so much for your interest in Pawsonify! We have officially completed our convention run for the year.

    There are many orders (and pre-orders) that have been placed in September and I will be working very hard to fulfill all orders as quickly as I can.

    Here is a general guideline for when your order should be shipped out (order date includes convention pre-orders):

    If you placed your order before September 25th your order will be shipped in October.

    If you placed your order after September 25th, your order will be shipped in November.

    Processing times are currently longer (30-45 days) due to the high volume of open orders I currently have to process. I am also in the process of building up the business for faster, streamlined, production - but that will take time to accomplish! 

    The first batch of orders will be processed this upcoming week (October 7-11). 

    You will receive an email with tracking once your order has been packaged and prepared for pick-up by USPS. Once you receive this email, it may take up to 2-3 business days for USPS to process the package.

    Pawsonify is currently in the process of moving to a bigger studio space, so I am unable to take packages to the post offices all the time, resulting in relying on USPS pickup.

    I sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding during this time!

    - Vensy

    September Conventions

     Hello friends! Pawsonify is going to be very busy during the month of September. Here's our convention lineup:


    Crunchyroll Expo 2019

    Crunchyroll Expo 2019

    San Jose 8/30-9/1

    Artist Alley Booth# 330

    Please come find us at Crunchyroll Expo! We will be in the Artist Alley at Booth # 330!





    FanX 2019

    Salt Lake City 9/5 - 9/7

    Booth# D9 (Creators Row), please follow us on Social Media for more updates!


    Rose City Comic Con

    Rose City Comic Con

    Portland 9/5 - 9/7

    Booth# Makers Market H09, please follow us on Social Media for more updates!




    San Diego 9/27 - 9/29

    Artist Alley Booth# 68!