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    Neck Sizes:

    • Cat (8-12")
    • Dog: Extra Small (8-12")
    • Dog: Small (10-15")
    • Dog: Medium (13-20")
    • Dog: Large (16-26")
    • Dog: Extra Large (17-29")

    Sizing for "Cosplay" Collars and Ninja Collar slightly differ.

    Cat Collars

    • Plastic safety break-away buckles are used for your cat's safety.
    • If the cat collar catches on something, the cat's struggling action will cause the buckle to open, freeing the cat. Not for use with leashes. These buckles are loose.
    • The bells on these collars are on split rings, so they are removable.
    • If you don't want a bell on the collar, feel free to leave an order note requesting its removal.

    Dog Collars

    • Use with a leash at your own risk, we are not responsible for any damage or breakage of the collar during use with a leash.
    • "Cosplay" collars have a D-ring primarily for the use of adding tags or bells, the

      d-ring is usually on the side and not in the ideal position for collar use.
    • Dog collars do not come with bells unless requested. You must add an order note requesting to have a bell added to your collar(s).