All collars and products are handmade with love, but because they are handmade it means they require a little extra care to be maintained.

Sailor Scout Collars:

  • One of the biggest "maintenance" issues with the Sailor Scout is the vinyl peeling on the back piece. If this begins to happen, don't worry! The back piece is easily removable for repair: simply slide it over the open buckle!
    • Find an iron and pre-heat it to a Polyester setting.
    • Find a plain piece of paper and place it on top of the back piece. It is important that you cover it with paper, otherwise the vinyl will melt and get stuck to your iron.
    • Gently iron it and leave the iron in place for 30-60 seconds.
    • Remove the iron and paper and gently press the lifting vinyl back into place.

Collars with Bows:

  • If the bows come apart, feel free to contact us about the issue, but please be sure to include a photo of the bow. If the reason for the bow coming part is our fault we will send you a new one for free.
  • Sometimes pets are very rough with the bows and we can't do much about that, but we can offer to send you another bow at a small cost.